Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS) has the expertise and wisdom with activists’ tenacity to take a firm stand in the face of conservative lobbies, challenge violence extremism that causes women’s freedom and human rights. Founded in 1986, to establish equality for women, we strive to develop women’s agency at the grass-roots and contribute to bringing their voices to national, regional and international levels.

We follow bottom-up right based approach linking communities with CBOs/CSOs to promote non-discriminatory principles for empowering women leads to transform disable environment to an enabling environment where women, minorities and other marginalized groups can enjoy and exercise constitutional and human rights. The congenial working environment, culture of cooperation and teamwork, non-hierarchical management with activist orientation has been recognized by all as an asset of BNPS.

Address: Kolpona Sundor, 13/14 Babor Road (1st Floor), Block B, Mohammadpur Housing Estate, Dhaka 1207

Mobile: +88 02 914-2110